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Monday July 22nd 2024
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The Zipper part II: Screenplay

The Zipper II: Screenplay

The Zipper II:

“The Dolphin and the Lightning”

Written by and based on the true story

By Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol

California, 1988

After escaping being imprisoned for working on the secret government project to counterfeit money, Julio, codename: Lightning, learns the identity of his son’s killer. Dead set on pursuing the men responsible, he runs into resistance from his own government as he goes against their wishes, and it seems his TRUE LOVE has BETRAYED him.

He follows the trail of his son’s killer to Cuba, and then around the world to Spain, and Africa – but the evil Ramirez is always one step away. Finally, Julio tracks the assassin down to a terrorist training camp, but is captured just before he reaches Ramirez. Julio is tortured brutally by the evil assassin, who TAUNTS him about the DEATH OF HIS SON. By a stroke of luck or divine providence, a phone call allows Julio to escape, and exact brutal revenge on his son’s killer.

The Dolphin and the Lightning

Before he returns to the U.S., Julio discovers that there is a traitor on his team. Someone he works with is selling him out to his enemies. A syringe with poison waits for him in a hotel room. A bomb is planted in his car. A gunman attacks at a secret meeting location. He escapes them all – barely – and tries to find the leak in his own team, the team that helped created millions of dollars in counterfeit U.S. currency to support U.S. interests worldwide.

Finally, Julio discovers the man responsible, working inside the U.S. Intelligence services, a man he trusted, someone he thought was his friend. Julio disappears from the map, and even his own team does not know where he is – only to reappear in the traitor’s house. The traitor is taken by surprise, and Julio secures enough evidence to make sure he goes down for life – or takes Julio’s offer to leave him and his team alone.

Knowing the traitor’s identity, Julio finds out his true love, Sandra, never betrayed him. They reunite and LIGHT THE FIRE of their LOVE again. Sandra persuades Julio to leave the nasty business of espionage, and they leave together on their yacht to start a new life and disappear forever. But their enemies have different plans. Attacked on the yacht, Sandra, the Dolphin, elite double agent for Cuba – is killed. Julio barely escapes as he kills those who KILLED his ONE LOVE. Full of remorse and anger, he returns to the U.S. to find another person on his team is betraying him.

He decides he must kill her for her betrayal; Yaneba, another woman he loves dearly. She meets with his enemies, giving them the secret plates used for making the counterfeit bills. Julio finds her, taking out his gun – and the car explodes, killing the enemy contact. Yaneba didn’t betray him after all, but it is TOO LATE, the SHOT was FIRED from his gun as the car exploded. Yaneba dies in his arms.

With nothing left but his love of freedom, Julio returns to his fight, his life of espionage, and begins his next battle in Venezuela, where a new dictator has risen…

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