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Monday July 22nd 2024
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The Zipper part III: Screenplay

The Zipper III:

“Twisting Roads to Freedom”

Written by and based on the true story by Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol

Julio, SPY and FREEDOM FIGHTER, finds himself kidnapped, drugged, and placed in a coffin on his way back to Cuba facing interrogation, torture, and execution. He was taken while dropping off ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR PRINTING PLATES to freedom fighters in Venezuela, and now has lost both the plates and his freedom.

Twisting Roads to Freedom

He remembers back to a year earlier when this mission began, relaxing on a beach with the mother of his child, Yaneba. As he goes for a swim with friends, SHARKS ATTACK mercilessly and he barely escapes when a shark bites his foot. His friends help him kill a vicious shark, and Captain Marrero discovers that someone treated Julio’s scuba suit with a chemical that attracts and enrages sharks. This means that there is a TRAITOR in their midst.

His beautiful friend Amelia arrives to warn him about the traitor and she identifies him as Rodolfo, the nephew of a freedom fighter friend. Amelia eliminates Rodolfo as Julio and his team escape.

Flashing back to 1947, the year of Julio’s birth, we see a different Cuba. More prosperous, more free. A housekeeper performs bizarre blood protection rituals on the newborn Julio and returns him to his mother. When Julio is 12, Batista is overthrown and FIDEL CASTRO rises to power. Young Julio, inspired by his father’s loyalty to Castro, creates a youth movement called the Young Commanders, commissioned by Fidel himself. Spending time with Fidel and CHE GUEVARA, young Julio learns that the face they wear in public hides a brutal and bloody reality underneath. His uncle gives him an opportunity to help those fighting for freedom, and Julio takes it, beginning his career as a spy.

Young Julio is with Che Guevara as the attack on the Bay of Pigs happens, and sees Che brutally murder a wounded soldier who is unable to resist, calling him a dog and a worm. Che rushes to protect the secret of the Russian missile base close by, while Julio gathers intel about it, which he passes along to his Uncle.

The information on the missiles is given to the U.S. and its allies, and Russia makes a deal to have the weapons removed. The deal is a sham, and Russian ships arrive and haul away tons of fake missile parts while Fidel and his cronies secretly relocate the real ones. During a meeting of dignitaries, Julio personally meets the man set up to take the fall for the assassination of JFK, learning intimate details of the plan.

Back in the present, Julio, his coffin loaded aboard a cargo ship, is freed by a freak HURRICANE which flings the coffin across the hold, smashing it open. When his kidnapper, Victor, comes to check on him, he finds Julio ready. Julio injects Victor with the drug meant for him, gathers some scuba gear from the ship, and leaps overboard.

This leads to a MANHUNT on the island of Nassau by corrupt police forces paid off by Victor. Julio takes refuge in an Episcopalian community, which is attacked by disguised policemen. With the help of an old friend, Julio escapes to the airport, where his contact O’Brien is waiting for him, giving him back the plates that his team recovered, while Interpol is on the way to arrest his kidnappers and see justice done.

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