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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Day of Frustrations

As they say, roses are redRose,_Konrad_Henkel

Yet the ocean is blue

Just like your eyes on a hazy day

Empty, hungry, and thirsty I run through the forest

The rain falls down around me unnoticed

Again I flee for my life, followed by evil men

Men willing to give anything in exchange

For taking my head as a trophy

The sweat pours out of me in anger

My body cries for rest but my mind knows I must run

I reach the sand of the beach, my steps become more difficult

Holding a red rose, for a moment I glimpse its pure shade

The ocean deceives me, it seems to get closer

But its crystal blue water stays far away

Blood mixes with the rain on my face

My wounds are nothing compared to your pain

The blue of the ocean like your eyes that no longer see

Your life taken before its time, breaking my heart

My anger shows on my face, but only the ocean sees

I grip the rose tightly, thorns piercing my hand

Mere drops of blood in an ocean of tears

The men are closer now, their bullets scream by my head

I ask myself why it has to be today of all days

Why could I not have favor to secretly place this rose on your grave?

My son, I only wished to honor your memory with a small offering

On the anniversary of your death


-Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol