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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Saudi Arabia Connections Confirmed : 28 Pages

greenlogoAs a member of Dr. del Marmol’s team, I have read his new book, ISIS: The Genetic Conception. Included in his book (which was released over a month ago) he referenced the fact that some of the 9/11 hijackers held what seemed to be official Saudi passports. Now with the release of the 28 pages of formerly classified documents, his information is confirmed. As a former spy, Dr. del Marmol is telling his stories of over 50 years of intelligence work, while protecting national security by not releasing every detail. His story is immensely compelling and shows insight into how our current intelligence community is crippled by government inaction and indecision. He had this to say about the recent release of 9/11 documents:

Think about this: these 28 pages are only a small fraction of the information we have. I tell you there are hundreds and even thousands of pages that show that the intelligence community is keeping important information from the American public.

The people deserve to know who are enemies are, and who they are not. Who is on our side, and who is not.

Millions of people are kept in the dark due to the government’s overzealous political correctness. Their duty is first to their people.isissquare

Why only 28 pages? Without proper knowledge, our electorate is influenced and has been to vote for leaders who are ignorant with no political education and have ideologies that go against the well-being of our country.

The political narrative is controlled by the government to sway elections and maintain power instead of releasing the real truth. We all suffer when we go to the ballot box in ignorance in the name of “classified”, “sealed”, or worse, “politically inconvenient.” The people deserve to know the real issues and the real enemies so they can vote with knowledge, instead of suffering in their lack of knowledge, manipulated by leaders with an agenda.