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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Love and Trust can Lead to Death

It is twelve o’clock – midnight as I walk

In the dark night on the 19th of September

I am lost in thought, confident of my own safety

Blindly trusting in love from the woman by my side

She would never lead me astray, her words are good as gold

But in the blackness a light flashes

A bullet strikes my body and I awaken

To the reality that there is no love among spies – only betrayal

Caution has kept me alive so many years, but now

Now I collapse on the ground in my own blood

I see my life flash before my eyes as my life drains out on to the pavement

I see her face in my mind as my hand trembles in a vain attempt to hold back the blood

Why did I trust in her? I should have known…

Yet a thought arrives and I smile, feeling a new peace

I left a message for Charlie,

“If I don’t return in an hour, you must end her.”

And so this is the end of our love, my beautiful rare gem, my soulmate

Truly the end, the last breath of my trust.


Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmolredlogo