True stories from the world of international espionage
Monday July 22nd 2024
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Media Kit: What We Offer

Spy Master Spy has an array of amazing stories for you, from the real life adventures of Dr. J. Anthony D’Marmol.


The Zipper and Zipper II contain the true story of how the United States government formed a secret team to counterfeit their own money to support anti-communist forces in South America and Europe. These are only the beginning; further screenplays detail the fight against communism all over the world, spy missions, secret government deals, assassinations, and secret history going back to the 1800’s.

TV Series script:

One More Attempt outlines the 56 attempts made on Dr. D’Marmol’s life as he worked as an international spy. From South America to Mexico, the U.S. to Africa, his life has been in danger as he has fought for freedom.


The Zipper is also a novel, and the second book by Dr. D’Marmol following his Cuba: Russian Roulette with America novel. He has over a dozen books written about his career and travels as freedom fighter, and personal first-hand accounts of Castro and Che Guevara, as well as others, that have never been seen before.

Music: Dr. D’Marmol composed music about his experiences.

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