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Monday July 22nd 2024
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New ISIS Book!

Available now! We are excited to announce that the newest book by Dr. del Marmol is now out, ISIS: the Genetic Conception. This true story reaches back in time to the first seeds that sprung up into the group we know today as ISIS. A variety of conspiracies and government inaction contributed to this modern horror, and our master spy himself was watching it all unfold!

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, a freedom fighter and a master spy, has been identified by his enemies.  His mission is too critical to abort, so he must deal with the immediate threat in order to be able to complete the objective given to him: to identify the new connections Cuba has to Islamic terror and to prove to his friends in the intelligence community that it poses an immediate threat to United States security.isiscover500

Dodging Cuban counter espionage agents at every turn, del Marmol infiltrates the tightest security arrangements of the Cuban G-2 with the aid of fellow freedom fighters on the island, and is able to identify key agents from the Middle East.  In the process, his mentor is also able to uncover a horrific assassination plot against the newly-elected President of Mexico and his entire family.

                Despite the desperate urgency of his primary mission, del Marmol stops in Mexico to assist in averting the plot, while sending along the information he had just uncovered.  Successful in his secondary mission, in addition to finding new love and making new important contacts, he is frustrated by the timidity of the bureaucracy controlling US intelligence.  More proof is needed.

                Del Marmol returns to Cuba to get the proof.  As Dr. del Marmol discovers, the fanaticism of the jihadists creates an impenetrable wall, transforming into the most difficult job of his career:  to persuade one of the radicals to cooperate with him in exchange for large quantities of money.  He finally reaches an agreement with the terrorist to meet with one of his most trusted freedom fighters to close the final deal.  Unfortunately, del Marmol is arrested en route to the meeting and has to escape from the police station.  The delay scares the connection away, and so key information in preventing the planned attack is lost.  Utterly frustrated, del Marmol is forced to leave hastily to avoid the massive manhunt mounted by the G-2 as they uncover his true identity as the most wanted spy, sought after for the last 40 years.  Using a Spanish merchant ship to escape with the information he had been able to glean, he regrets missing the most critical piece of data, lost on the most random chance.

His enemies remain in hot pursuit, and ambush him in the United States. Though critically injured, is able to preserve the information his assailants sought.  He is taken to a safe house in Mexico to recuperate.  His recovery, however, delays further investigation, specifically in discovering the answers to precisely how and when the planned attack would occur.  After brainstorming with his friends, the final keys are discovered, and they hastily depart for the United States to bring the information to his US contact.  His assailants strike again as he attempts to cross the Mexican border, and have further designed another delaying tactic by arranging a security breach at the border crossing by having their own agents within US intelligence list him in the computers as “armed and dangerous.”

Again, the bureaucracy moves too slowly, and by the time all the pieces are put together, it is too late to prevent the attack and the loss of thousands of innocent lives.  All that can be done is to minimize the damage, rally the American people, and mourn the dead.  Utterly frustrated, he leaves the country, realizing once more that the same freedoms he fights for also provide the greatest weaknesses for his enemies to exploit.

Check back regularly on our web site for updates and ordering information. Recently, one of Dr. del Marmol’s colleagues in the international intelligence community had this to say about our master spy and his newest book:

Letter of introduction for ISIS: the Genetic Conception—Lack of Judgment

This book, in my opinion, could easily be titled The Naked Truth.  Dr. del Marmol told me once, way back before the terrorist attack on 9/11, something in his usual poetic fashion when he tried to convince me of his concerns that I have remembered ever since: “When a healthy tree loses its leaves outside the ordinary routine of the change in seasons, we have to look at the root of that tree to find the disease in order to cure the dying tree and at the same time prevent it from infecting all the other trees around it.”isissquare

This is exactly what Dr. del Marmol presents us in his new book, ISIS: the Genetic Conception—Lack of Judgment.  It is very difficult for us, growing up in this free society, to understand that so much of the vindictive evil related in this book are not the product of fiction from a novel writer.  Starting with my primary order from Dr. del Marmol, I can assure you as an active participant in many of these real actions related in this story that he has a vast responsibility and the ability to maintain modesty by not exaggerating a single hair in this story.  Of course, it’s not necessary in this particular case, as he narrates the facts exactly as they occurred.  I am an eyewitness on many occasions to the truth of this account.  He has also meticulously subtracted from these narrations the precise methodology used by our intelligence agencies, and so has secured their present and future efficiency.

Now I move to my secondary order.  I have known Dr. del Marmol for over four decades, and I can assure you with confidence and conviction that this man is alive only by extraordinary miracles, and there is no room for doubt in my mind that he still lives because our Lord has been behind him all this time.  It is the only way I can explain the failure of multiple attempts our enemies have made against his life.  It is with joy that I can say today that we have him still around us in 2016, with the same optimism, persistence, and hope that I have known from him all this time, from the day he stepped down off of one of our planes after being flown out of the Navy base in Guantanamo.

As I read these pages of this extraordinary story, I on many occasions grew full of frustration at our sense of impotence, thinking what a pity it was that Dr. del Marmol had not been able to be more specific in some details.  He would then convince the reader that his story is more accurately a depiction of real life than any other story written until now about the 9/11 attacks.  I have to contain an impulse to kick my own rear end because I was one of those who wound up being an instrument of terror.  But I and my superiors had to maintain protocol, and our hands were completely tied.  I understand why, though it gives me remorse.  As I finished reading ISIS: the Genetic Conception—Lack of Judgment, I could not avoid tears of guilt from rolling down my cheeks as I recalled my own responsibility.  I had not listened or acted on the urgent demands and suggestions of my best friend before this catastrophic terrorist attack happened.  All I can say today is that this guilt and frustration I will carry with me on my conscience until the last day of my life.  As a member of the intelligence community for most of my life, I can assure you without any doubt that the way Dr. del Marmol describes in this book is exactly how the events unfolded.  I, O’Brien, strongly recommend that you not only read this book and recommend it to your family and friends, but also that you read all of the books that this extraordinary man writes and releases in the future.  I assure you without any holding back, that we all, without exception, carpenters, mechanics, doctors, even the Presidents of this country as well as other world leaders, have a lot to learn from the experiences of this amazing man.

Newport Beach, CA, January 26, 2016