True stories from the world of international espionage
Monday July 22nd 2024
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New Book: The Zipper

The Zipper has been released, online and in bookstores.

The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper is the true story of a spy asked by the intelligence services to secretly print U.S. currency to finance covert operations all over the world.

A young man grew up in Cuba, escaped the Castro regime to the United States, became a spy and a freedom fighter, worked with intelligence services all around the world, and finally became part of the largest covert money printing operation in history. This operation, codenamed “The Zipper“, was created to finance counter terrorism and covert operations all over the world. The young man, now grown, is Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, and it was his task to supervise the team that created millions and millions of dollars of U.S. currency for these operations.

One fateful day, a trusted friend set Dr. del Marmol up, betraying him to the Secret Service as a counterfeiter. Even though he had the undocumented sanction of the government intelligence services, he was disavowed and abandoned by them. Left facing a seventy year sentence, Julio refuses to betray any of his team members and takes the multiple felony charges on his own. Sitting in jail, cut off from his contacts, he hatches a plan to escape, while the Secret Service does everything in its power to convict him and send him away for the rest of his days.

This story has never been told before, and includes documentation and photographs of actual events that have taken place. Click here to order The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper !