True stories from the world of international espionage
Monday July 22nd 2024
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Investor Info

Huge accomplishment for our project!

We are pleased to announce that a reputable investment source has come forward with a letter of interest with the offer to finance $25 million; half of our budget for the first film. We are now seeking an investor or group of investors to provide the matching funds for the completed project.

Any producers with a verifiable track record and investors looking for a ground floor opportunity are invited to participate with us. This is a massive, multimedia franchise that we are launching, and we need people skilled in producing feature films, television, video games, audio books, graphic novels, roleplaying games, and novels—and these are just the immediate derivatives we have currently in mind. A savvy investor will see others and any suggestions are welcome. Contact the VP of Operations, Tad Atkinson, at tad AT with your credentials and interest. Serious inquiries only, please.

Movie Series, I-III, IV in process

Movie Series, I-III, IV in process


TV Series, based on true spy stories

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One More Attempt Documentaries

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