True stories from the world of international espionage
Monday July 22nd 2024
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Audio: Spy Music

Music by Dr. D’Marmol

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No More Fighting or Goodbye

Jamba Rhapsody #2: Cuba Linda del Spy

Jamba Rhapsody #5: Cuba Fruta Rhumba

Water and Light:

My Ghost Love Reality

Jamba Rhapsody #6: La Danza del Amor

Dark Doubts in Your Mind

Jamba Rhapsody #9: Mi Habana Vieja

The Man Was not Born Yesterday

Jamba Rhapsody #10: Love at First Sight

Jamba Rhapsody #4: Black or White, It Is in the Color of Your Eyes:

Sorry to Leave You

Jamba Rhapsody #8: I’m in Love with Soul, Body, and Mind:

Mujer Aprende a Vivir

Jamba Rhapsody #7

Our Naked Minds

My Aphrodisiac Love

Q and I

I Believe in My Dreams

Dios, el Universo, y Nuestro Amor

Lost Love of the Spy

Rebel Spirits to the End

Mi Perla Bendita

The Dolphin and the Lightning

El Hombre Solo

El Adios del Spy

Spy Hide and Seek

El Bambino