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Thursday October 23rd 2014
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Letter to Obama 2014 Letter to Obama 2014 »

This is the text of the most recent letter sent by Dr. del Marmol to President [...]

Letter to Obama, 2010 Letter to Obama, 2010 »

Even back in 2010, former spy Dr. D'Marmol could see our country going in a dangerous direction and [...]

Zipper I-III: The Movies Zipper I-III: The Movies »

The secret plan of the intelligence service to create cloned U.S. currency. THE ZIPPER Part I (Parts [...]

Spy Opinion: The Voice of Conscience

Ebola: Double Misery or Double Crisis?

Ebola: Double Misery or Double Crisis?

My heart cries as I see how the Ebola virus has been treated with less respect than a dog with worms, a cat with an eye infection, or a child with the common cold. Ignoring the lessons of previous disasters in history in a case like this can cause the loss of thousands if not millions of lives if it has not been treated or handled properly. My [...]

The Man and His God

The Man and His God

When I was growing up, I remember clearly that men embraced more than one country; sometimes they embraced more than one flag. On occasion, they even loved more than one woman and had more than one son by them. Always, however, when you tried to convince those same men to turn and embrace a different god by force or take away the god they already [...]

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Pal says Ottawa gunman wanted to go to Middle East, seemed 'mentally ill'

Fox News - 12 minutes ago
The man who stormed Canada's...

White House intruder Dominic Adesanya scales fence, caught by K-9 units after ...

New York Daily News - 19 minutes ago
An intruder scaled the White House...

US-led air strikes killed 553 fighters, 32 civilians in Syria - 20 minutes ago
Beirut: Air strikes by US-led forces...

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Master Spy Q&A

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper »

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper

Acclaimed Director Marc Rocco had expressed his strong desire to direct and produce the Zipper film. He is known for his films Murder in the [Read More]

Spy Stories

True Facts: Assassination Video True Facts: »

See the video below to learn more details about the 56 attempts on Dr. del Marmol's life. [...]

My Son was Killed for my Spying My Son was Killed »

Rage against the master spy leads to murder of young boy. For years, I had eluded [...]

Escape from Cuba! Escape from Cuba! »

Hunted by the G-2 for betraying national secrets, Master Spy D'Marmol barely escapes Cuba [...]

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The Zipper part III: Screenplay »

The Zipper part III: Screenplay

The Zipper III: “Twisting Roads to Freedom” Written by and based on the true story by Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol Julio, SPY and FREEDOM FIGHTER, finds himself kidnapped, drugged, and placed in a coffin on his way back to Cuba facing interrogation, torture, and [Read More]

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