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Saturday November 28th 2015
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Letter to Obama #10 Letter to Obama #10 »

This is the text of the tenth letter sent by Dr. del Marmol to President Obama. Oct 24, [...]

Letter to the Pope Letter to the Pope »

The following is a letter to the Pope from Julio Antonio del Marmol: September 28, [...]

Radio Interviews! Radio Interviews! »

Dr. del Marmol recently did a radio interview with Talk 34. Click here to listen. He was interviewed [...]

Spy Opinion: The Voice of Conscience

Look Farther

Look Farther

Only those capable of looking far past the restrictions that have been imposed by those with evil motives are able to see the lies and extraordinary indecency that we have been condemned to live in.  Maybe we will discover before it’s too late the way to prevent them from taking away our freedom and forever changing our lives through their [...]

Disappointments: small as a bird in the sky

Disappointments: small as a bird in the sky

On this cold November morning, the wind howls with painful sounds Screaming like an unbridled beast that rages under icy torrents High in the sky a wounded seagull fights to maintain her graceful flight But instead surrenders and falls at my feet Blood around her beak she looks helplessly into my eyes Without fear, only the [...]

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Planned Parenthood shooting: Gunman named but motive unknown

CNN - 35 minutes ago
(CNN) The nightmare at a Colorado...

3 Killed, 20 Hurt in Rocket Attack on UN Base in Northern Mali

Voice of America - 3 hours ago
Last updated on: November 28, 2015...

At least 9 dead as fierce storm hits Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

USA TODAY - 33 minutes ago
Fierce weather hammered Texas, Kansas...

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Master Spy Q&A

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper »

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper

Acclaimed Director Marc Rocco had expressed his strong desire to direct and produce the Zipper film. He is known for his films Murder in the [Read More]

Spy Stories

True Facts: Assassination Video True Facts: »

See the video below to learn more details about the 56 attempts on Dr. del Marmol's life. [...]

My Son was Killed for my Spying My Son was Killed »

Rage against the master spy leads to murder of young boy. For years, I had eluded [...]

Escape from Cuba! Escape from Cuba! »

Hunted by the G-2 for betraying national secrets, Master Spy D'Marmol barely escapes Cuba [...]

Media Links

The Zipper part III: Screenplay »

The Zipper part III: Screenplay

The Zipper III: “Twisting Roads to Freedom” Written by and based on the true story by Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol Julio, SPY and FREEDOM FIGHTER, finds himself kidnapped, drugged, and placed in a coffin on his way back to Cuba facing interrogation, torture, and [Read More]

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