True stories from the world of international espionage
Wednesday October 14th 2015
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Letter to the Pope Letter to the Pope »

The following is a letter to the Pope from Julio Antonio del Marmol: September 28, [...]

Radio Interviews! Radio Interviews! »

Dr. del Marmol recently did a radio interview with Talk 34. Click here to listen. He was interviewed [...]

Releasing six new books! Releasing six new books! »

The amazing story of Dr. del Marmol's life in Cuba is written in the pages of these soon to be released [...]

Spy Opinion: The Voice of Conscience

The World We Live in Today

The World We Live in Today

First we are kissing the Marxist Chinese government, then we promise to marry our Russian comrades. After that we lie in bed with the terrorist Iranians, and finally flirt and make love to the Marxist Leninist Cuban administration. Are we forgetting our traditional values somewhere along the way? We are getting comfortable and politically [...]

Don’t Let Racism Divide Us

Don’t Let Racism Divide Us

  When you say that “Black Lives Matter” it excludes every other race. People with integrity and respect know that all lives matter, without exception. It is like saying that we are only allowed to invite one race to dinner – I should be able to invite who I want, and have all of the races together, not separated. Then we all [...]

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First Democratic Debate 2015: Highlights and Analysis

New York Times - 31 minutes ago
So far: Bernie Sanders hits Bill...

Former NBA star Lamar Odom found unconscious, taken to Nevada hospital

ESPN - 1 hour ago
LAS VEGAS -- Former NBA and reality TV...

Cubs Advance to NLCS From a Place They Never Had: Wrigley

New York Times - 59 minutes ago
CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs played...

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Master Spy Q&A

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper »

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper

Acclaimed Director Marc Rocco had expressed his strong desire to direct and produce the Zipper film. He is known for his films Murder in the [Read More]

Spy Stories

True Facts: Assassination Video True Facts: »

See the video below to learn more details about the 56 attempts on Dr. del Marmol's life. [...]

My Son was Killed for my Spying My Son was Killed »

Rage against the master spy leads to murder of young boy. For years, I had eluded [...]

Escape from Cuba! Escape from Cuba! »

Hunted by the G-2 for betraying national secrets, Master Spy D'Marmol barely escapes Cuba [...]

Media Links

The Zipper part III: Screenplay »

The Zipper part III: Screenplay

The Zipper III: “Twisting Roads to Freedom” Written by and based on the true story by Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol Julio, SPY and FREEDOM FIGHTER, finds himself kidnapped, drugged, and placed in a coffin on his way back to Cuba facing interrogation, torture, and [Read More]

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