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Tuesday September 2nd 2014
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Letter to Obama, 2010 Letter to Obama, 2010 »

Even back in 2010, former spy Dr. D'Marmol could see our country going in a dangerous direction and [...]

Zipper I-III: The Movies Zipper I-III: The Movies »

The secret plan of the intelligence service to create cloned U.S. currency. THE ZIPPER Part I (Parts [...]

International Bestseller Starts it All International Bestseller »

Years ago, when the memories and pain were still fresh, Dr. J. Antonio D'Marmol penned his first book in [...]

Spy Opinion: The Voice of Conscience

Taking off the Gloves

Taking off the Gloves

The man who allows himself to be intimidated by others, no matter how horrible they can be, will never be able to find peace in his journey through life. No matter how many times he moves around, trying to avoid confrontation with those harmful ones, he will always encounter a bigger bully in his path. The only way to rest in harmony and [...]

One Mistake in Your Life

One Mistake in Your Life

I only bend my knees before God and His Son, Jesus Christ, because no man, dictator, or politician can be greater than God. The man in his egotism and competition with others will always try to be God, only accomplishing the cultivation of hatred towards his brothers and sisters. In the end, he drowns himself in his own blood. If you follow the [...]

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Russia's Gains Cloud Obama's Assurances to Baltics

ABC News - 2 hours ago
For the second time this year,...

US Troops Take Action On Militants In Somalia

New York Times - 2 hours ago
American military forces launched an...

FBI investigates 'Cloud' celebrity picture leaks

BBC News - 53 minutes ago
Tim Allman reports on the hacking...

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Master Spy Q&A

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper »

Director Marc Rocco and The Zipper

Acclaimed Director Marc Rocco had expressed his strong desire to direct and produce the Zipper film. He is known for his films Murder in the [Read More]

Spy Stories

My Son was Killed for my Spying My Son was Killed »

Rage against the master spy leads to murder of young boy. For years, I had eluded [...]

Escape from Cuba! Escape from Cuba! »

Hunted by the G-2 for betraying national secrets, Master Spy D'Marmol barely escapes Cuba [...]

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The Zipper part III: Screenplay »

The Zipper part III: Screenplay

The Zipper III: “Twisting Roads to Freedom” Written by and based on the true story by Dr. Julio Anthony D’Marmol Julio, SPY and FREEDOM FIGHTER, finds himself kidnapped, drugged, and placed in a coffin on his way back to Cuba facing interrogation, torture, and [Read More]

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