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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Two Letters from Obama!

President Obama finally replied to one of the letters sent by former spy and freedom fighter, Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol. Not only did we receive one reply, but another came just a few days later. Here they are in order, followed by the last letter sent to him.



Below is the original text of the letter that President Obama is responding to.



April 16, 2015

President Barack H. Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,


Until now, I’ve been trying to excuse you to my friends and associates and blame your indecision on your youth and political inexperience.  In my last six letters, which you had neither dignity nor decency to acknowledge receipt of, I have been respectful in addressing the mistakes from the point of view of my political experience you were making and the inexperience in the team of advisers you’ve surrounded yourself with.  Of course, my basic assumption was that you had the best interests in mind to defend this country from her enemies, both domestic and foreign, as per your oath of office, sworn before God with your hand over the Bible; something you apparently don’t value at all.  I attempted to advise you, even though I mentioned in my first letter that my friends and associates considered you to be a blatant Marxist with a hidden agenda, and now I have to admit with sorrow that I was wrong to give you the benefit of the doubt.  They told me it was not due to your advisers that these mistakes were made, but that they came directly from you because of your narcissism.  Your agenda shows me clearly now that, given the opportunity, you would become the worst dictator humanity ever has had with the lowest intentions of destroying this country and her institutions, free society, and if not parallel with Putin’s Russia—because you don’t accept any criticism or competition—then bringing down Putin’s dream of controlling the world by building yourself into the supreme Marxist in the world.

It is not difficult for me to understand now.  I’ve seen men convert themselves into dictators with dreams of controlling the world before once they have a taste of power in their mouths, corrupting their minds to the point of destroying their own people in order to maintain that power. I know your past environment growing up was not exactly rosy; you weren’t fortunate as I was to have the bonding and family structure in a great, warm, loving household in which you not only had the love of your mother but also your father as a role model who tried to teach you the very best ways he knew.  Even though I had my own conflicts with my father because I didn’t follow his ideology, you have the opposite in that, even though he wasn’t around, you embraced his ideas and his frustration of not being able to fulfill his dreams.  Evidently that frustration was passed on to you, and you have assimilated it very well.  I see with no doubts any longer that you have been psychologically damaged from that environment, and are not looking out for the best interest of this country and the established institutions of a democratic republic, instead placing your own interests, your ego, and your legacy-building ahead of these, even before your own family’s well-being, without calculating the damage your actions will do to future generations.

I almost fell out of my chair yesterday when I saw your statement on television, deceiving the American people once more, pretending that, because the Cuban regime hasn’t supported terrorism for the last six months, they should now be exonerated from the list of terrorist nations they’ve been on for the last thirty-three years.  Your deceitful statement was that Cuba does not constitute a threat to the United States in any way.  Mr. President, who do you think you’re kidding? Do you think the American people and the rest of the world are idiots, and that you’re the only smart man around, when not even a year ago we caught Cuba red-handed in Panama, smuggling nuclear weapons to North Korea?  The president of Panama raised a scandal in the United Nations, exposing this most vital violation of non-proliferation agreements that Cuba has been involved in for over fifty years now.  I don’t think you are an expert in intelligence or this kind of material, Mr. President.  I happen to know from sources close to you that you don’t even read the intelligence briefing the intelligence community puts on your desk every day.  I would like to know how you came to this conclusion?  I will give you a comparable example: we have a child molester rapist, and murderer that has been committing these crimes for over fifty years.  However, because for the last six months he behaved well under the restrictions you’ve placed on him, you want to release him into general society, in spite of the fact that there is abundant proof that he has tried to deceive the authorities repeatedly every where he goes.  And you want to free him and let him become the director of an elementary school?  Would you, Mr. President, send your daughters to such a school under this man’s supervision?  You need not answer; I already know the answer, if you have a little love and care for your daughters.  How could you then expect other fathers and mothers to send their children to that institution and trust that immoral, deceitful criminal?

I ask myself if your humongous ego is more powerful than your common sense or intelligence than any other human being has.  If you examine the past, the present, and the likely future, it will show you that Cuba is the absolute worst enemy we have anywhere in the world.  Sit down with someone in the intelligence community that has knowledge of this, and you will learn of the barbarisms that Cuba has committed around the globe, every time allied with our enemies in various regions—as they most lately did with Iran, another beast you wish to unleash.  God help us and the rest of the free world!

But I tried to excuse you, Mr. President, in the last few months, blaming your outrageous, illogical decisions to be against our friends and extending the hand of friendship to our enemies.  I asked my friends and associates how much damage you could do, since you only have less than two years.  Their answer has been, “Dr. del Marmol, that is plenty of time. He could do a lot more damage in this short period, because he no longer cares.  He doesn’t have to show a smiling face to the public and promise to them hope and change.  The cat is already out of the bag, and 90% of the people who supported him and voted for him, even in his own Democrat party, feel betrayed by his extreme and irrational ideas.”  One day, you will be judged not just by men, but also by God, as a direct consequence of the actions you have been taking.  I hope this doesn’t affect the legacy you are so concerned about.

I want to make clear in this letter that this will be my last one to you.  I hereby withdraw every single offer I made to you, to advise you, to support you, whatever is needed to help you succeed in your Presidency.  The only thing I leave open is my friendship, which I offer to anyone save for those who act aggressively against me or my family, as your new friends, Fidel and Raul Castro did when they killed my son and attempted to destroy all of my family.  As of today, I disassociate myself from you and your Administration, because I don’t want to give you any more excuses for something that is so blatantly obvious as you have been doing every day, even occasionally contradicting yourself based on previous promises.  I am firmly convinced by your recent actions towards Israel, Iran, and Cuba that you are the closest false prophet after Castro I have ever seen come to this Earth as you hide your lies, deception, and agenda to the American people and the rest of the world behind your smile.  You will be condemned by history after your Presidency ends, and even your extremist friends will want to disassociate themselves and run far away from you, because in this world there is room for only one big ego who wants to control the world.  I have this vision that you are not going to be the one.  I hereby cease and desist any advice to you, and wash my hands of the filth which your outrageous decisions will create with a terrible toll for the future of humanity.  I pray that God will have mercy on your soul.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol, PhD

International Intelligence Advisor