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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Chinese Government Abuse


Soldiers detain protesters at gunpoint

If a picture tells a thousand words, these three tell three thousand words. The Marxist fascist criminals are all alike, they are the same dogs with different fleas. Anyone claiming to be their friend is just as bad as a criminal or worse.

I consider myself a friend of the Chinese people and many are being persecuted out of hate. They are being tortured because they dare to speak out against the abuse that has been perpetrated against them. They are against the totalitarian regime that is full of criminal Marxist oppressors. Bravely offering their lives for a free and democratic China, they express their cause fearlessly in public, anywhere they get the chance to. These are my true heroic Chinese freedom fighter friends.ground
No matter what country you choose, those led by Marxists and communists only inflict pain, bringing about blood and tears to great and wonderful people. We embrace our Chinese friends who fight for their freedom.


Peaceful protesters beaten and put in cages