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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Letter to the Pope

The following is a letter to the Pope from Julio Antonio del Marmol:

September 28, 20152000px-Emblem_of_the_Papacy_SE.svg


His Holiness, Pope Francis

Apostolic Palace

00120 Vatican City


Your Holiness,


First of all, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, an International Intelligence Adviser.  I have lived in the United States of America since October of 1971.  For 11 years previous to that, I was a spy for the West in the innermost circle of the Cuban government, starting when I was 12 years old.  I was forced to abandon the “communist paradise” on the advice of my contact and friend, who had to inform me that my cover had been blown.  I had no other alternative but to leave behind my family, including my 3-year-old son.  I had to cross the entire island, closely followed by my enemies, starting with a long train ride from Havana to Guantanamo.  My path took me through jungles, swamps, and minefields with a small group of friends.  We managed to navigate that last alive save for one fatality, and reached the coast, our enemies were still hot on our trail.  By the grace of God, we were able to reach the US naval base, and Navy Intelligence was able to fly us to the United States.  You will be able to read more of my story in the book I am sending you with this letter, Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World.


Since this is the first time I have written to you, I wish to send my most cordial greetings out of love and a peaceful spirit, and the most important divine treasure that our Heavenly Father can give to us, our health.  That health many of us often take for granted without realizing in our short time in this world that it is the most valuable thing we possess.  This is especially true when most frequently plagues crop up, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives in the space of a few days.


As you can tell, I was born on the island of Cuba.  My father was a simple man from a middle class family.  I was fortunate enough to be born into a family with strong moral values.  Like a majority of Cubans, my parents came from different parts of the world in a search for a quiet and more prosperous life.  My maternal side is derived from Sicily, while my paternal line came from the Basque state of Gipuzkoa in Spain.  On my father’s side, I am descended from a great Cuban patriot who gave his life to end slavery, freeing his own slaves, and the Spanish colonial rule in the 19th century.  His name was Donato del Marmol Tamayo.


My father’s dignified example to me was one of hard work and honesty.  His sense of honor perhaps exceeded all rational sense, and he put not just his own life at risk but also that of his entire family.  He could not contain himself at seeing the abuses and atrocities committed by the followers of the dictator at that time in Cuba, Fulgencio Batista.  My father became one of the most important allies of the Castro brothers and that beautiful Cuban revolution.  He obtained the position of Chief Financial Officer of the Occidental side of the island and the principal financier behind the revolution.  He not only involved himself in this mission, but he also brought along his brother Masons, among whom he was a leader, who shared his ideas of freedom and democracy.  They shared his illusion that all the people of Cuba would follow wholeheartedly pursuing freedom, peace, and equal rights for all, which the Castros and the other leaders promised to them.  Not long after the revolution’s triumph, these men betrayed those very promises.  They converted Cuba into the worst and bloodiest dictatorship in the history of the modern world.


My mother was a beautiful woman, both physically and spiritually, as well as highly intelligent.  She was not easily fooled by anyone, a devout Catholic and faithful follower of Jesus Christ.  Even though she constantly denied any aid to the revolution, she provided lovely, daily advice to my father, since in her heart she felt that my father was making a big mistake, letting himself be convinced by the Castro brothers.  Her constant warned my father of the immediate danger he exposed himself to as well as the possibility of the destruction of all the established institutions, including the Church.  She wisely saw through the false hypocrisy of communist ideology, which expressed the deceptive focus they always preach of aiding the poor and helpless.


My father refused to listen, and for the first time in my life I saw small arguments occur between them.  When my father finally discovered the deception and how he had been betrayed, he only found the lovely and loyal hands of my Mima to console him.  In his agonized frustration, with the bitter taste of sadness in his mouth and tears in his eyes, he considered himself a useful fool.  He had been defrauded by false prophets in the same way they had deceived the Cuban people and hijacked that beautiful Cuban revolution.  They killed hundreds of thousands of young, innocent men and women for rebelling against them back then; they continue to rebel against them today, refusing to accept the Marxist-Leninist tyranny and its atheistic ideological ways.


I initially became the youngest Commander in the Rebel Army for Castro, the youngest in the revolution when it won in 1959.  I was an eyewitness to thousands of atrocities and barbarous crimes committed by the Castros and their henchmen.  I was also an eyewitness to the plots and criminal machinations perpetrated around the world in Cuba.  I will mention just two plots I personally saw hatched:  the unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Pope Saint John Paul II and the successful assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  These men lay their plans carefully, taking years if need be.  The Kennedy assassination had its groundwork, to my certain knowledge, as early as 1960—I saw those plans at the same time as I saw the initial plans for the papal attempt much later on.  One of the factors which must have taken time was locating the perfect subject to make the attempt in the person of Mehmet Ali Ağca.  I followed the entire plot as it progressed, and have no doubts that the same Cuban hands were ultimately behind the other attempts on his life.  I even attempted to warn him of the danger he was in.


Strangely enough, the murderous intent behind all of this was the bizarre idea to destabilize the world politically and religiously.  According to Marxism, the two worst opiates to the workers are these two institutions. In order establish their own ideological ideas, they must first destroy these establishments in the countries they wish to plant the seed of communism.  As you read the book I’ve sent you, you will come to know who I am and what I’ve been doing for over a half century.  I am also sending you a music CD.  One song is entitled “One More Attempt.” They have perpetrated 56 attempts on my life in an attempt to silence me.  The son I mentioned they likewise killed in their desperate attempts to silence my dangerous desire to expose their criminal acts across the world.


The other song is “The Ave Maria of Julio Antonio.”  I wrote it when I was but 10 as I took my first steps into my musical studies.  It is a protest which sprung from witnessing the most irrational incident you could ever imagine.  I received terrible abuse and humiliation from the father of one of my best friends at that time. He was a well-known Marxist in the town in which we lived.  Just because we had hanging around our necks tiny crucifixes, given to us by the local parish priest in recompense for helping clean his office, my friend’s father went wild.  He yanked the chain with such fury that he wrenched my friend’s neck badly, pulling him bodily off his bicycle.  He also got some badly scraped knees in consequence.  As the man wound up to do this, his elbow caught me in the eye.  This nasty, ugly experience was my first encounter with the intolerance, fear of God, and hatred Marxist ideology exhibits to everyone who resists or rejects their atheist ideas.  There is no compromise for these people; everyone must embrace this enslaving ideology.


I have always been convinced that a man doesn’t choose his philosophies or political ideas; rather, they pick the man at a very early age.  His physical suffering and spiritual experiences shape him, with some contribution by religious leaders and the formation of the home in which he is raised.  This last contributes to the man a love for justice and freedom, giving him a strong basis from which to discern what is good, bad, ugly, or beautiful.  A very clear conscience is formed for the future, and empty words have no room to take root and deceive such a man.  Those empty words sound inappropriate to a mind formed with basic clean principles filled with love and mercy.  This is the true Golden Rule.


Your Holiness, I have been reading some of your background, and you have had an interesting life.  There have been bright moments and dark times, as we all have had.  When you were in your exile, spending quite a long time in your solitary room, your circumstances could have caught you by surprise and depressed your soul at that moment.  The loneliness you experienced removed you far away from your friends and loved ones, and certainly is a distant experience from the glamor and the applause you receive today as the Bishop of Rome and the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church.


I want to bring to your attention that you have tried to close your eyes.  I ask you to return to those dark moments of your exile and put yourself in the shoes of hundreds of thousands of families.  These same families who, at the beginning of the Cuban revolution, sent into exile the most precious things they had: their sons and daughters.  They did this to avoid having them forcibly removed by the Castro brothers’ communist regime.  Some of these children never saw their families again.  Your own Church worked with the CIA, and managed to “successfully” accomplish this painful mission:  the Pedro Pan or Peter Pan.  Like the families in Nazi Germany who managed to smuggle their children out to other countries to help them avoid the concentration camps, Cuban families were compelled to make the same sacrifice to avoid seeing their children persecuted.  Over 14,000 children were evacuated through the efforts of the Catholic Church, and both they and the families left behind bless the Church leaders at that time for their exceptional work in this matter.  Some of those children have grown into very successful adults who hold important positions in businesses around the world, a thing the church you represent today should be very proud of.


I have a very important question to ask you:  how do you think those families still living felt when they saw you last week visiting Cuba and embracing the very same men who were responsible for these deeply enormous personal tragedies in their lives?  Separate your religion and politics and ask yourself as a human being and follower of Jesus Christ, a respecter of human dignity: how do you think the common Cuban people will view you?  I’m not referring to the ones selected by the government that greeted you at the airport.  I’m referring to those suffering in prison, to the White Ladies, to the dissidents who were not allowed by the government to be present at the same time.  How do you think the common people of Nazi Germany would have viewed any religious leader who visited their country in the midst of the Holocaust and embrace Hitler and a few select members his regime determined represented the best of Aryan society?  Can you see a similarity between the two examples, Your Holiness?


I can show you undeniable documented proof with pictures, if you wish, that the Cuban government uses its “free” health system to monitor blood types and organ types to bring in falsely-accused people to be executed in order to fulfill quotas on the black market in China and other countries for specific blood types and organs for transplants.  They receive payments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for this.  This is worse than what the Nazi, Dr. Mengele, did to his own people.  I know, Your Holiness, that you don’t have a bad bone in your body.  You have been used and manipulated by the worst criminals currently walking the Earth to bring unity between the United States and Cuba.


I only ask you to examine your conscience and do your homework.  You will find that Cuba has been defrauding every country in the world and violated every agreement they make, taking goods and loans and never paying for any of it.  Today, no other country, with very few exceptions, will provide Cuba even a single can of Coca-Cola unless they are paid up front in cash.  How can you take with more than a grain of salt anything that comes from the mouths of these people?  How can one expect anything good to come out of such evil?  One of the purposes of this letter is to help in any possible way prevent you from being the latest in the long line of people the Castros have deceived.  That communist regime is hanging by a hair, and that is the only reason they are trying to come back, like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime, to the very institution they destroyed and criminalized for 50 years in their intent to defraud it once more, counting on a memory fade with the passage of time of those horrendous, fatal mistakes they made at the beginning of the revolution.  The boat is sinking, and they have no other alternative open to them.


Your Holiness, I have heard you repeatedly condemn in your speeches unbridled capitalism, but I have never heard you yet do the same for the very people who killed my son, destroyed my family, exiled over one million of their own people, killed hundreds of thousands and indiscriminately tortured at least as many innocent men and women—these are the hallmark actions of every communist country in the world.  It sounds very strange to me, Your Holiness, that you—the representative of God on Earth—should be so in a fog with these horrendous acts and yet so prompt to criticize the institutions of the very nations who are the defenders of God.  These nations send their men and women to bleed and die on foreign soil to defend those very principles.  This does not mean I agree with unbridled capitalism; I always say that every extreme is bad for humanity.  But I think we should leave those criticisms to the mouths of our enemies, like a good family keep the family secrets while they combat the ugliness out there.  Rather than attack capitalism, should we not fight Marxism, which undeniably is mercilessly murderous wherever it is applied?  If you examine your conscience and realize that good or evil is in a person’s heart, perhaps we would dedicate more time to oppose our enemies and less in criticizing our friends.


I have the honor to be, Your Holiness’s obedient servant,


Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

International Intelligence Adviser


Enc.:  Cuba, Russian Roulette of the World, CD


Cardinal James Michael Harvey