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Monday July 22nd 2024
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What Can Be Worse Than the Nazi Ideology?

enterprisesThe Nazis were the worst evil machine of hatred any human being could ever conceive of in their wildest imaginations.  That is why, in the hearts of millions of people, the Nazis were the worst of humanity.  But the truth is that, in perfect disguise and under cover for over a century, the image of the sickle and the hammer has been portrayed as the force of helping the poor, the oppressed, and for liberating the workers of the world.  Behind that image, however, lies a very sinister ideological doctrine, a thousand times worse than the evil of the Nazis.  At least the Nazis took care of their own; but the Marxist communists, like piranhas, destroy and eat their own without mercy.  That is why Marxist communism is the worse political ideology.  As their propaganda would put it, they take home the glorious gold medal, and the truth is that these medals are for the Most Evil, Most Deceptive, and Most Deaths and Suffering, making them the grand champions over the Nazis without any doubts at all.  I suffered under this system in my own flesh and soul and survived it; with a certainty I tell you now, please get on your knees and pray to God that you will never have to live and experience it yourselves.  It is the worst nightmare of pain, humiliation, and suffering that human beings can dream of for themselves.