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Monday July 22nd 2024
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Releasing six new books!

The amazing story of Dr. del Marmol’s life in Cuba is written in the pages of these soon to be released books. The Bay of Pigs, Lee Harvey Oswald, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro — all observed by the young spy in his life. Don’t miss these books when they arrive!


Covering the years of 1959 and 1960, this book touches on the cruel and deranged occult beginnings of the Cuban Revolution.  Starting with the horrendous crimes committed before very young children, this tumultuous time creates the most unexpected creature to develop first into a military leader and then into the youngest spy in Cuba:  Julio Antonio del Marmol.  Circumstances and his personal integrity propel him into the shadowy life of espionage at the tender age of 12.  Instead of playing cops and robbers with the other children his age, instead he wound up playing the adult version of that game.

Starting with his astonishing theft of the briefcase belonging to Che Guevara from out of the military compound, he suddenly finds his activity catapulting him to the status of the most wanted spy in all of Cuba.  Realizing this, the men responsible for his training accelerate their program, testing him to the utmost limits of human psychological endurance.  Compelled by these circumstances as well as those of his daily secret life to mature quickly, he develops a relationship with a childhood friend, Yaneba, deeper than convention would strictly allow for their age.  The accelerated training steadied his nerves when Che summarily executed his most trustworthy man, merely based on the wildest of suspicions, splattering the youth with the brains and blood of the unfortunate man and stinging his face with shards of skull.

By an odd twist of destiny, he is with Guevara during an assassination attempt, and instinctively saves the Argentine’s life.  This deepens and cements the relationship Che desires with the impressive young man, and either by Guevara’s side or as a direct consequence of his association with the man, young Julio Antonio witnesses some truly revolting things:  black market harvesting of organs of those executed by the firing squads, the secret construction of nuclear submarine and missile bases, the near-rape of underaged girls by Cuban soldiers, and the sinister plans to sever the close ties between the Cuban people and the United States by sacrificing thousands of civilian lives by destroying a ship in the Port of Havana.  To complicate matters for the young spy, he discovers at the heart of that particular plot is a close friend of his and the friend’s father—and to protect himself and the others working with him, he cannot breathe a word of caution to his own friend!  He also uncovers a hint of a series of assassination plots of world leaders, and begins to unravel that thread in an attempt to discover the full plan, culminating with a meeting with Jacob Leon Rubenstein—better known to his friends as Jack Ruby.



As the Revolution consolidates its power and drives its roots into the ashes left over from the Cuban democratic institutions, anti-religious sentiments held by some people for a while are released under the new communist system of persecution, and people of faith find themselves increasingly targeted by the new government and its supporters.  As Julio Antonio continues his attempts to untangle the spider’s web of intelligence uncovered from Che’s briefcase, he comes to know better those who will be the principle executors of the worst crimes in modern history.

He loses his emotional companion in Yaneba.  Her father is persecuted by the government, and he is forced to take those steps he deems necessary to protect his family.  Her family leave Cuba, and Julio Antonio discovers that their boat is shot up by a Cuban military jet in an effort to cover up the embarrassment to the new regime that people wish to leave the new socialist paradise.  He can find no trace of survivors.

A new player enters the young man’s romantic tapestry in the form of the Cuban Chinese girl, Chandee.  She also becomes his closest ally, already trained by the resistance as a freedom fighter.  Initially, she is assigned to the Lightning to facilitate communication with those working with him, as a mole has been detected, and it is necessary for them to maintain a certain distance from their young protégé.  He also meets her father, who works with Julio Antonio’s uncle as an intelligence operative.

His attempts to prevent the explosion are mostly unsuccessful.  The ship still blows up, and many people are killed, but the damage is nowhere near as extensive as the plotters had intended.  Unfortunately, he is unable to save either his friend or the friend’s father.  In fact, before dying, the father was indiscrete, and so Julio Antonio finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to deal with a Cuban intelligence agent while at the same time trying to communicate the truth to his only link to the outside world.  It turns out to be a massive insurance fraud, and this part, at least, Julio Antonio is able to thwart completely without exposing his cover.  He becomes an eyewitness to the final link between the Cuban government and the mafia, as a vast amount of money is openly exchanged, revealing the strong ties between the two entities.


As the Cuban government continues to implement its arbitrary laws designed to redistribute the wealth of the people, they further ensure their control over the economy by completely changing the currency.  As the young spy discovers ever more highly classified secrets through his conversations with the top leaders in the Revolution, he continues untangling the characters that will execute Che’s master plan.  The young spy is able to manipulate Che into believing that he possesses much less information about the ship explosion than he actually has.

He discovers that the luxurious cars previously owned by the super-wealthy were not given to the poor, but are in fact stored in large garages for use by the leaders of the Revolution.  Julio Antonio is able to prepare specially “medicated” cigars to see to it that the Cuban intelligence agents are removed from his meeting with the link to the outside world so that they may speak freely.

Julio Antonio discovers that the people who had sheltered him while he healed from his injuries incurred during the theft of Che’s briefcase have been arrested by the dreaded G-2 state security agency.  During interrogation, an indiscretion is committed, and the young spy becomes a question mark in the mind of the head of the G-2, Piñeiro.  “Redbeard” decides to have his minions shadow the young Commander, as his suspicions grow that the boy is that most wanted spy in Cuba, the Lightning.

Piñeiro lays a trap for the young spy.  He thinks he has his prey in his hand, and just as he’s about to strike the boy down, Julio Antonio is able to convince Fidel Castro of his innocence, and in the presence Che Guevara is able to utterly humiliate the security chief, slipping through the man’s buttery fingers.  He emerges with stronger proof of his loyalty to the Revolution to its leaders than ever before.  The increased trust likewise increases Julio Antonio’s access to classified information, furthering his mission.

As his friends shelter one of the fugitives from the Revolution, Julio Antonio nearly loses his life.  Undeterred, he obtains film which proves the government-sanctioned massacre of Yaneba and her family, and determines to get that information to his outside link.  However, the G-2 is watching, and so the young spy disguises himself as an old woman and arranges to be smuggled inside.  He passes the information to his contact, and manages with the aid of a friend to sneak out by another route, right under the noses of the Cuban intelligence agents on guard.  Unfortunately, before the information can be transmitted, the G-2 kill the contact and all his party in the desperation to prevent the information being leaked to the international press.



The young spy is immediately confronted with death.  He handles the situation of looking fear straight in the eyes by dipping into an earlier childhood experience which had taught him how to control and overcome fear.  As he had earlier, he confronts the fear directly, and is able to extricate himself from the death trap set by his enemies.  Surging with adrenaline, he escapes with only a few scratches and wrecked luxury car.

Piñeiro, as it turns out, is undeterred.  Julio Antonio finds himself avoiding several more traps laid for him by the G-2.  In the midst of all of this turmoil, Chandee initiates romantic overtures, and the two form an intimate relationship.  Julio Antonio is introduced by Che to his top assassins, three women Guevara refers to as his “Amazons” at the famous Tropicana night club.  There the young spy witnesses Che meeting first with Russian KGB agents followed by agents from the communist Chinese government.  The next thing he witnesses is the assassination of the Chinese party by the KGB agents.

The young spy once more has a brush with death, this time in the company of Chandee, as they overcome hired assassins sent after them by the chief of Cuban intelligence.  This attempt culminates in another conference with Fidel, Che, and Piñeiro.  This time, it turns out, the Redbeard had actually talked Che into create this final test.  Julio Antonio is pronounced by Fidel as having passed the test with flying colors and demands forcefully that Piñeiro cease his persecution of the young man at once.  Fidel and Che both agree that Julio Antonio could not possibly be the Lightning.

Julio Antonio decides to accept the invitation from one of the Amazons to vacation in Varadero Beach.  There he meets Che’s illegitimate daughter, Maggie.  From her he discovers that Che had raped her mother.  He also discovers that she is more than a little deranged.  As the trust between them grows deeper, she confesses to him Che’s darkest secret:  that, as a young man, Guevara had been a member of the Argentine Nazi Party, and that her father-in-law had the documentation to destroy Che’s reputation internationally.  Julio Antonio realizes that this knowledge endangers him yet again, since should Che even get a whiff of a suspicion that the young spy had that knowledge, death would come swiftly and suddenly.


When you are only twelve years old, you should not have to witness the ultimate cruelty that man can do to man. When you are twelve years old you should not have to see the world you dreamed shattered and broken. When you are twelve years old, you should not be forced to become a spy against criminals stealing the freedom from your own country.

There were events that led a young man, not a boy any longer, to decide he must fight against those who do wrong. This twelve year old man was assigned to be the leader of the Young Commandos, Fidel Castro’s new youth army of communists that would support his regime in the next generation to come. He was now the youngest commander in the army of the revolution; Castro gave him a gun and a uniform, and brought him into his inner circle. He not only had to witness the horrors of the regime firsthand, he had to accept them and embrace them, pretending that he was one of them. That was his duty as a spy.

This young spy, Julio Antonio del Marmol, witnessed dozens of cruel executions; the killing of anyone who it might have even been rumored to be against the regime. His heart was horrified, but his face was forced to show excitement that these “worms,” these enemies of the Revolution, were killed. But the executions were nothing compared to the other horrors he would witness, and have to accept. Torture, by men in the regime, including violence-loving Che Guevara, was employed on a regular basis. This young spy was forced to give his approval and abandon all the dreams of his childhood. He became an unwilling accomplice to plans of international espionage, terrorism and even assassination of many world leaders including JFK.

People were chosen for death by their medical records and sent to the firing squad without due process having committed no crime. He witnessed the results of what happened after the executions: victims were drained of their blood and their internal organs were harvested by malevolent doctors and nurses who gladly butchered these corpses to finance the opulent lifestyles of Castro’s inner ring, as well as the Revolution’s dream of dominating the world.  He saw this and could not recoil or flinch, but was required to applaud and accept.

The very horrors he witnessed reinforced the resolve in his heart to keep up his deadly charade and supply the international intelligence community with Castro’s secrets, but at the same time part of his mind and heart were seared by the experience. Somehow, he must go on, he must continue his fight, and walk through the fields of blood that were before him for over twenty years inside Cuba

The Unwrapped EnigmaCoverWEB

Julio Antonio recalls an incident from his early childhood in which he not only experiences a deep and cutting betrayal by a close friend, but also realizes that the most elevating feeling that heals that wound is the ability to forgive it.

The young spy decides as a matter of conscience and out of his sense of justice, he needed to teach a lesson to those responsible for killing his beloved dog and the torture of his dear friend Leocadio.  He discovered that these same agents had been terrorizing the entire town, and his resolution to punish them solidifies.  He manages with the aid of the faithful Chandee to humiliate themselves so publicly that they lose their official positions.

Chandee’s car breaks down, causing an inconvenience in terms of avoiding suspicion by the local Cuban intelligence.  The young spy decides to distance themselves from the incident involving his act of justice and visit his grandfather’s tobacco farm in Guane.  As they travel there over the mountainous terrain, they encounter military trucks involved in human trafficking, this time including a teenaged member of his family.  The girls get freed.

As his brother-in-law predicted, Julio Antonio gets conscripted into the Army and faces the humiliation of being reduced from Commander to recruit.  While attached to that unit, he participates in the October Crisis.  Filled with shame, he once more witnesses Nikita Kruschev make a fool out of the President of the United States, who naively accepted the Soviet Premier’s word to remove the missiles.  With his own hands, he loads the Soviet ships with junk and engine parts.  He follows a plan prepared with his intelligence team, supported by his brother-in-law, to obtain a medical discharge from the Army.  He returns to his activities as a spy.

While he is traveling in his brother-in-law’s car returning from a military exercise, they hear on the radio the news that President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated, and that the killer was no less than Lee Harvey Oswald.  He attends a gathering at Che’s house in which he hears from the lips of the actual killers exactly what happened and how.

Che sends his “Amazons” to Spain to avenge the death of one of his agents in the assassination, but are surprised to discover that their target is a highly trained agent.  Two of them get wounded, while the third is killed.  They return to Cuba to report their failure.

The international intelligence forces order that agent to go to Cuba to see to it that justice is done to the assassins.  Julio Antonio is assigned to provide the intelligence regarding their current location and any other important details while maintaining his distance.  Complications occur, the agent’s cover is blown, and an island-wide hunt ensues.  The young spy decides to assume responsibility and must use his local allies to arrange for the agent’s safe exit from the island.  It brings a final answer to conclude the enigma.