True stories from the world of international espionage
Wednesday May 22nd 2024
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Sickness and Agitators

enterprisesAgitators make me nauseous. They piously proclaim their desire to help the poor through confiscating the wealth of the rich, attacking through slogans the affluent and their lifestyle. They then forcibly strip what the wealthy have worked hard for all their lives, earned by the sweat of their brow—their cars, yachts, mansions, and any savings or investment accounts. Because the words are pretty, some who are ignorant and naïve follow these sick agitators, utterly blind to the horrible things that have been done. If you look back through history, never once does this redistributed wealth wind up in the hands of those these ill men claim to steal for: “the good working ones.” Instead, with impunity, right before everyone’s eyes, these sick agitators sit down and enjoy all this bounty for themselves. Naïve ones, you will get to watch them enjoy that abundance helplessly, unable to do anything to correct what you have yourself helped create. You will live the rest of your life in shame for your part in engineering this black, nefarious history, aghast at the damage you have done not just to the affluent but right on down to you and your loved ones.