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Sunday September 26th 2021
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International Bestseller Starts it All

Years ago, when the memories and pain were still fresh, Dr. J. Antonio D’Marmol penned his first book in his native language: Cuba Ruleta Rusa de America. Translation: Cuba: Russian Roulette of America.rusa1-300x272

In this narrative, D’marmol explains many details of his personal experiences with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and other top commanders of the regime. For the first time readers were able to learn the details of his life growing up during the revolution, his experiences of the lies told by Castro and others, and finally his decision as a teenager to become a spy for the international community.

If you don’t read Spanish, do not worry; Dr D’Marmol has recently released an updated version in English, not only recounting his experiences but revealing new secrets and stories that he was not at liberty to tell over twenty years ago. The original in Spanish became an international bestseller as well as earning its author many awards. Dignitaries and leaders from several countries in the free world sent D’Marmol letters congratulating him on his courage in so publicly denouncing the crimes against human rights committed by the Castro regime.

Click here to see the updated version, Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World.  It contains ten chapters of additional material.


The original publication was by Orbes in 1976. One of the people that interacts with Dr. D’Marmol in his many experiences is someone entitled, “The Professor.” This man, Dr. Hector Zayas-Bazan y Perdomo. was a hero to the young spy and an influential man around the world, speaking at medical and historical venues. Dr Perdomo was the representative of Cuba to the International Congress of Pharmacology, an internationally known professor at Havana University and in exile at MIT. The Professor was not only these things, but an ideologist, politician and intelligence advisor.  He had this to write about the spy and freedom fighter, D’Marmol:



D'Marmol and The Professor

D’Marmol and The Professor, 100 years young

Younger D'Marmol and Professor

Younger D’Marmol and Professor



Original Letter in Spanish

Original Letter in Spanish