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Friday February 23rd 2018
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Letter to Obama #10

This is the text of the tenth letter sent by Dr. del Marmol to President Obama.


Oct 24, 2015

President Barack H. Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,


It is evident that my past nine letters in which I tried with my good intentions to communicate with you and give to you the very best of my extensive experience and knowledge have not been taken seriously.  This information I have is not the result of reading a book or listening to tale, but built in the pain of my own flesh, the direct result of my own personal involvement throughout my career.  My only interest is to have a better nation and leave it in a better condition for future generations.


Since my first letter, it has been my desire to advise you to maintain a stance along the political center.  Like I’ve said many times, extremes on either side of the road are not good for anyone.  It is apparent that you have not given even the slightest consideration to my advice.  I can see this for myself today and observe how your legacy will continue to deteriorate slowly on a daily basis as you reach the end of your Presidency over this beautiful nation.


I decided today to write you once more in order to clarify yet again what I consider inappropriate, wrong, good, or bad as you move forward, repeating the same mistakes continually.  In the past few months, you have been navigating through the ocean of international ridicule with your absurd decisions.  Your naïve behavior of throwing flowers at the feet of our terrorist enemies and attempting continually the no less bizarre idea of negotiating with them, even to the point of returning to them those we hold in detention in exchange for nothing.  These are the same enemies that shot at us, blew up our institutions, even occasionally utilizing biological and chemical weapons against our freedom fighting soldiers across the world.  These are the same enemies that are attempting to radicalize the minds of our youth, using the Internet as a tool, sending our kids to commit horrendous crimes in these suicidal attacks on our schools and places of entertainment.  The sole purpose behind these attacks is to destroy our civilization and destabilize our democratic society.


Mr. President, I don’t know if you ever seen an intense fire in the forest.  It cannot be muffled or stifled through water and rose petals.  This fire only stops when it is confronted by a more aggressive inferno that is capable of blocking the path, destroying as a more powerful force without compassion or hesitation the initial conflagration, forcing it to consume itself.  Unfortunately, Mr. President, we’re facing an extreme enemy without rules or conscience, who on repeated occasions has clearly demonstrated their destructive capacity through violent acts which result in massive death tolls like the attack on September 11 of 2001 as well as other attacks around the globe that destroyed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people without compassion.  They decapitate men, women, and children simply for refusing to convert to their extremist ideas.  What can we expect from enemies like that?


Mr. President, when we are confronting such a huge monster we have the duty to gather our strength from the bottom of our souls to destroy such an abomination without any compassion.  There is no room for weakness in the face of such a beast.  We must do this immediately, before it has a chance to reproduce or grow to achieve its object, which is to destroy not just our country but also the rest of the civilized world.  The beast’s thirst for blood and its ambition to control and gain power drive it to such atrocities.


Mr. President, I don’t know if the name Abdul Rahman Shalabi brings any bad memories to you or give you chills in your stomach and give you a nauseated side effect, as it does to me.  It should, because this murderer has not only distinguished himself through his extraordinary criminal record but also for his lack of any conscience at all related to any terrorist act in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives, while others lost limbs, permanently mutilated and crippled for life.  This individual not only fully enjoys such actions, according to my report, but he also is celebrated by the entire bin Laden group as the mastermind behind these criminal acts for his efficiency in planning and exemplary, flawless execution of them.


Mr. President, it with great sadness that someone in the past weeks brought to my attention something your Administration had planned that went imperceptibly by the main media press and the American people during the visit of Pope Francis to our nation.  Even as the Pope spoke on television about global warming, the news was lost in the fog that this unscrupulous, Machiavellian criminal was removed from the detention center at Guantanamo and given his freedom, using the excuse of transferring him to a Saudi Arabian program of rehabilitation.


I ask myself, “REHABILITATION?”  Who came up with this brilliant idea, Mr. President?  You?  Who has such a childish, naïve mind that could believe that we could rehabilitate Hannibal Lector with his cannibalistic preference for the organs of other human beings?  Who came up with this decision?  Again, sir, once more:  who is advising you directly this time?  What is the reason to do this in such secrecy, to make this happen at the precise moment while the press is busy looking elsewhere?  One more notch on your record, Mr. President.


After so much blood and effort spent by our special forces and intelligence community to detain and extradite sometimes in unbelievable circumstances in order to put these people where they belong (in prison, where they cannot perform any more criminal acts or more pain and suffering to any other human being) in our effort, the intelligence community risk their lives in conjunction with other teams in the special forces in order to protect innocent people around the world.  And you just let him go—just like that.  Now he can go back out into the world so that he can commit more criminal, terrorist acts again.


Mr. President, my father once told me in the last days of his life that I should always look a man in the eyes with respect and take his word as truthful and good.  At the same time, I should not make myself a fool out of respect for myself, and I should maintain a very close examination of that man’s conduct.  If his actions connect and corroborate whatever that man expressed before in his initial statements, this man should be doubly respected.  In the future, then and only then, we can take his word as solid gold without any doubts left.


Mr. President, if we apply this beautiful golden rule to you, as the simple citizen that you are, with all my respect that you deserve by being the President of this beautiful nation, the conclusion is not very complimentary to you.  Your contradictions and changes in positions on many subjects and situations over the past years, your broken promises to the American people, for your erroneous decisions around the world, all speak of poor judgement on your part.  You are apparently running fast with great speed to support in some cases our enemies, providing these enemies with power (such as in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood), but responding with the speed of a turtle for a call for help and distress from Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi. You have rushed our diplomatic relations with our worst enemy in the world, Cuba, at the speed of light (as if we could not wait until tomorrow).  You have completely forgotten that Castro is one of the master deceivers who only a few months after this normalization has sent thousands of soldiers to fight shoulder to shoulder with the Russian and Iranian troops against our freedom fighter forces (among the rebels) that have been exposing their lives to bring down Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship in the great and noble effort to restore freedom to the Syrian people.


This is the same gentleman, sir, that you drew the line in the sand against:  Bashar al-Assad.  Without any respect for you or our nation, he unhesitatingly crossed that line, and brought such embarrassment and ridicule on us, creating an excuse for Putin’s intervention: our weak, poor reaction in response to that crossed line without any consequence at all to the Syrian dictator.  I only have one more thing to add in conclusion, according to my father’s Golden Rule to evaluate you both as an individual and as a President:  you are completely disqualified.  You have been a complete and total disappointment to us, and will leave a sour taste in our mouths after you’ve gone.  We now see the consequence of all these failures reflected in the face of every single one of our warriors and the members of the intelligence community.


I can assure you, Mr. President, again with all my respect, all of these consequences have a reaction, and every reaction has a consequence.  All these failures will eventually be paid by our future generations in this beautiful and great country with their tears and blood.  It will be a stigma on your legacy in the pages of history.  The consequence is your indecision, weakness, and lack of character as the leader who did not know how to direct his troops, or perhaps that he didn’t want to properly conduct this nation from a lack of conviction and his erroneous ideology.


Maybe, Mr. President—maybe—it is a small mark, a small fingerprint on the border of one of the pages, and your history will be printed.  My genuine and honest effort I repeatedly tried to persuade you once more, with my call to logic and reason.  There’s not too much time left.  The time is growing shorter by seconds.  Perhaps there is still an open opportunity, and maybe—maybe—the miracle will occur as I continue to make my calls to you for logic and reason.  Maybe you will finally do the right thing—just for once.  It only takes one good action in the life of a dignified man to change the image quite often and minimize the past.  Those past acts will not be expunged.  All these errors will be shown.  But maybe, by that one good action will interrupt that nefarious history and bring sympathy to those who have been reading that history.  The memory of that last but good action might be the one which prevails in the memories of the people.


You still have a chance for redemption, Mr. President.  For once, do the right things for your nation.  Be on the side of your friends, and destroy our enemies.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol, PhD

International Intelligence Adviser

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